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Association of Alternative Telecom Operators, France


Logo Redesign

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AOTA is the Association of Alternative Telecom Operators

The association now has more than 40 members who gather more than 1,500 direct jobs and generate an aggregate turnover of more than 200 million euros. They are all present on at least one public initiative network (RIP) in their region of origin.

Since its creation, AOTA has campaigned for an open, diversified, and dynamic telecoms market.



In order to develop a suitable graphic sign, it was important to know more about the work of the association and its scope of activity. Since AOTA is now an actively working association with a history behind its back, the changes made had to reflect its growth. Our aim was to refresh and modernize the appearance of the logo while preserving its main impact.

concept development

Our first ideas were drawn with a pencil. Several directions for the development of the graphic sign were sought. Our goal was to provide several completely different directions to our client that were up-to-date, fresh, but also serious.

While preserving the idea of communication and connectivity, we rounded the shapes in order to make the impact of the graphic sign similar to the overall appearance of the already existing site of AOTA.

logo Version 1

In the first variant, based on the initial visual idea, we introduced minimalistic aesthetics by developing a custom font, tailored to the needs of the client. A minimalistic and clear vision is usually related to the high quality and transparency that AOTA offers to its members.

logo Version 2

In this version of the logo, we created a stylish, but readable and impactful logotype.
We tried to convey modernity, youth, and innovation to make sure it attracts the attention of the alternative telecom operators in France. It was planned to be the “rebellious” logo and we thig it has this feeling to it.

logo Version 3

The third version is based on the current logo, our goal was to modernize its vision to the maximum, while at the same time preserving the style and recognition of the brand.
We used overflowing and connecting elements – so up-to-date in recent years, in order to show the integration of ideas, creativity, sharing common values, and the diversity that unites the alternative telecoms in France.

David Marciano
David Marciano
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