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Arviana, UK


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The result we tried to achieve in our work for Arviana was to create a concept, adapted to the products offered and with a general sense of luxury, influence, and dreams. Advertising works based on our emotions, awakening various feelings in us. In the high-end jewelry banners, we created the sense of a woman who is valued, cared for, loved, and surrounded by luxury. Visions, in harmony with the principles for presenting luxury goods, are minimalistic with the purpose of highlighting the accessory and its qualities. Thus, we reinforce the emotion of owning the jewel. The viewer’s attention is focused on the following product qualities: Elegance, Class, Beauty, Quality, Femininity, Luxury, Sensuality, Uniqueness, and Prestige.



Emerald Set – Banner Design

The selection of a brave color palette and composition emphasizes the emerald and the exceptional qualities of the materials used – yellow and white gold. The vision is a promise of uniqueness, high class, and luxury, creating an image of a daring and magnetic woman.

Elegant Earrings – Banner Design

This banner presents an earrings collection with the most temping precious stones. It creates the feeling of minimalism, but also of an abundance of colors, exquisiteness, luxury, and glitter.


The Flower – Banner Design

With the help of its aerial composition, depth, and selection of delicate color contrasts, the vision creates a sense of captivating femininity, style, and freedom, reinforcing the emotion of owing the jewel.

Timeless Garnet – Banner Design

All you need is a beautiful garnet. This composition emphasizes the typical qualities of a beautiful gemstone by using fewer colors. The banner creates a feeling of femininity, gentleness, a bit of provocation and asks the viewer if they dare to own this jewel.


Always Wear Your Crown – Instagram Post Design

Playful vision, created especially for Instagram, encouraging women to find inside of them the confidence that they are special in every moment of their daily routine. “Always Wear Your Crown” sends the message that a jewel should remind us that every woman deserves to treat herself like a princess.

Arviana, UK
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Excellent work. Hard working, great communication, and availability (very important). Always responded quickly. Great work, took ideas on-board and managed to modify the design to client needs.