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Elisaveta Shiderska


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Written by a mother and her daughter, Maggie The Vitamin is a children’s book of funny poems about healthy food and habits.


We had the enjoyable job of illustrating and laying out the print and electronic versions of the book in a way that elicits positive feelings in the reader as they turn the pages. At the same time, we wanted to ensure it developed children’s knowledge and skills.




Our biggest challenge was to create a product that touched little kids who could not read yet and thereby get them into learning, self-development, and leading a healthy life.


The pages are filled with illustrations drawn using classic techniques for children’s literature. In addition to bringing fun and enjoyment, they help to instill a sense of aesthetics, rhythm, and spatial orientation, as well as improve counting and color recognition skills. The funny verses acquaint the young readers with exciting health facts about their favorite fruits and vegetables, with the drawings complementing and enriching their knowledge. We painted smiles on the fruits, which help children recognize and connect with the characters in the verses, increasing their motivation. By enlarging and color-coding individual letters, we introduced a touch of lightness and created an opportunity for children to learn the alphabet while having fun.
Maggie The Vitamin is also available as an audiobook that can help children learn to read. We included various effects in the e-books, which will draw children’s attention and prompt them to keep turning the book’s pages. Right from the cover, Maggie The Vitamin invites us to join its well-known characters on a fun journey filled with colors and beautiful emotions.

Elisaveta Shiderska
Author, Sports Journalist, Conditioning Coach and Mother
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To do something as specialized as the illustrations in a children's book, you have to carry within you the same thing that its readers carry – curiosity and creativity. The rest falls in place, just like in a children's game. That is exactly what happened with Maria and Elena's work on "Maggie The Vitamin – poems about healthy eating for children and adults." We put in the words, they put in the colors, and together we filled the basket with virtual vitamins that shine with their unique identity. I highly recommend the creative minds and hands of those two ladies, and not only for projects aimed at the most demanding of audiences, i.e., children. Thank you, my dear Vitamins! 🙂


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