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driven by a shared passion for quality and a commitment to creating products that work. In creating effective solutions for your business, we abide by five principles: flexibility, accuracy, creativity, individuality and dedication. We work together. 

More by Hris

Hristian Parushev
Full-Stack Developer
Hris is a Senior Full-Stack Developer, the software polyglot of More By Us. He is in his element with all sorts of programming languages. He often has quirky ideas, such as having working briefs over a glass of wine. Extraordinarily composed, Hristian is the heart and soul of More By Us. He debugs the products and declutters the office. With Hristian around, you can never be bored at the office. A lover of the sea, he says the “More” in More By Us comes from the Bulgarian word for “sea” (pronounced moh-re).

More by Sava

Sava Abadjiev
Software Development Manager
Sava is a software engineer with more than ten years of experience in leading industry names and an offline adventurer. He is a Software Development Manager at More By Us. He has a solid workflow in programming business solutions, based on understanding clients’ needs, analyzing them, and solving the problem at hand. Clearly, accurately, and right on time. Sava is a man of harmony, following nature’s tracks even at the office. He travels off the beaten track, climbs mountains, surfs waves. At work, he maintains the balance of our little ecosystem. He is only sated by more and new kinds of project briefs. The only thing routine about him is his seemingly bottomless coffee mug.

More by Maria

Maria Burgelova
Creative Director
Maria is a Managing and Creative Director of More By Us. She has more than 15 year's experience - both in marketing and design. She created More By Us with a leader’s charisma and with a talent for inspiring others. She mediates priorities and fosters a creative environment. The team’s designer, Maria sees endless possibilities in black and white, which she sees as the expression of all the other colors. Her belief in bold individuality is evident in all More By Us projects. She can tell human stories with the Pantone color chart. Maria is coziness at More By Us. She starts her days with two coffees and her dog, Tira, is often a creative inspiration by her desk. 

More by Elena

Elena Vutova
Web designer
Elena is a web designer at More By Us with substantial experience in painting and graphic art. She brings the style and individuality of her art to all her projects. A teacher of typography in New Bulgarian University, Elena uses fonts with the skill of the master, drawing the reader’s attention to the essence of the story. In design, Elena builds the general concept while keeping every detail in check. The most emotional creator of the team. She drinks her coffee black.

More by Daniela

Daniela Hadjieva
Graphic designer
Daniela is a graphic designer and artist. She is the spark that lights the flame of the good cause. Asked about her role in More By Us, she says: “I am an accomplice.” She prefers images that open doors and make you anxious to see what is behind. As a designer, she goes beyond showing an image, she uses it to tell a story. Daniela believes that aesthetics must be used in a measured way: add too much and you spoil the story. Daniela’s mornings also carry the scent of coffee.