The secret life of pets at More By Us

In a period of social distance, we have faithful helpers in our home offices. They shared with us how they handle an emergency:

I closely watch Elena’s work and every movement of the mouse from my workplace. I am always ready to lend a helping paw and add a touch of luxury to the design work while good results are approved with a purr. I add a little bit of myself to each project. I dream of becoming a famous designer with my own unique style one day.

Findus, Web Designer

I take care of the creative atmosphere in Maria’s home office. We talk about design while sunbathing, and I often serve as a muse and a model for all dog-related projects in More By Us. I don’t like tension, so I keep a close eye on the stress levels every day. If her stress levels grow, I apply an urgent creative approach and take Maria out for a walk in the park.

Tira, Creative Director

I distract Hris by bringing him toys and we often talk about complex software issues. I’ve certainly helped with the capture of more than one or two bugs. My favorite place for work is near the laptop. From there, I can carefully watch all processes and give to Hris moral support.

Lora, Software Engineer