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Video Production,

Web and Graphic Design


About The Project

Silbertool  - repairs damaged external threads using the first non – cutting technology and restores the thread by forming it back into its original geometry.


External Marketing and Design Team: Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Video Production, Marketing Strategy and Support

Printable and e-Catalogs Silbertool

Catalog Design Silbertool, 2016

 by Maria

/online & printable versions/


Online download:

English Version / Russian Version / German Version 



- General Catalog Silbertool English / German /Russian

- Catalog Silbertool R16 English / German /Russian

- Catalog Silbertool R36 English / German /Russian

- Catalog Silbertool R60 English / German /Russian

- Catalog Silbertool R110 English / German /Russian


Application Note Design Silbertool

Application Note Design Silbertool, 2016

by Maria

/printable version/


Presentational Dynamic Websites

Silbertool - The Thread Repair Tool

Multi-functional presentational websites Silbertool:

- product catalog;

- download section;


- video blog;

- dealers' area etc.


* Product Photography and Video Production Included

English Website / German Website / Russian Website

Video Production "The Thread Repair Tool"




"It can be quite intimidating when you first set out to build your own website. But I was lucky enough to meet Maria and finally bit the bullet! She was very knowledgeable and walked me through every stage of the design. We produced together all needed advertising materials for my business, including lots of videos. I can tell she really gives her all to every project and I’d love to use her work in the future. Thanks again!"

Philipp Silberkuhl

Philipp Silberkuhl

CEO, Silbertool

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