We share a passion for creating products that work.

Our mission is to create memorable visual identity and technical solutions that work for you. 

How we do it.

For us, the design goes beyond graphics. We tell the story of your business by brand strategy and identity building, web design, software development, video production, and marketing services.

When building software, we set two key objectives: creating functional and personalized solutions and ensuring a customer experience of the highest quality. We design ideas and we devote ourselves to developing your solutions.

Our teams.

Maria Burgelova

Managing & creative Director

Maria has more than 15 years of experience – in management and design. She mediates priorities and fosters a creative environment. 

Although she manages the business and the creative team, Maria can tell human stories with the Pantone color chart.

Her belief in bold individuality and great user experience is evident in all More By Us projects.

Sava Abadjiev

Software Development Manager

Sava is a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience in leading industry names. He manages the development of complicated and tangled software solutions with great ease.

At work, he maintains the balance of our little ecosystem and his management style brings harmony to the office.

His team is dedicated to developing security and risk management products.

We work together.

A shared ability to spot the extraordinary beyond the mundane brings us together. We are like the yin and yang that complement each other to surpass your expectations.

We give more of ourselves so that More By Us is more than a design and software studio.

In creating effective solutions for your business, we abide by five principles: flexibility, accuracy, creativity, individuality, and dedication.

We work together.


Our studio.

We are based in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria. Often ideas take off with a conversation on the rooftop of our office and land in any part of the world our clients do business. Our design, web, and software products, our brand strategies, and digital apps are the foundation of brand identities of businesses in Australia, France, Germany, Estonia, Canada, the UK, the US.

Backstage peek.